Sunday, March 27, 2011

golden sunday

some days are golden. not every day... but, every once in awhile there is a day that shines, a day that's beautiful and inspired. god knows i needed this day. sun shining, homemade waffles, good coffee, and my darling loves. golden.

Friday, March 25, 2011

lately {rose colored glasses}

lately... i've been dreaming of spring on this cold minnesota day.

i've been loving my new rose scarf from scarfshop.

i can't believe the orchid the husband got me for our 5th anniversary in december is still blooming, and has 5 new buds.

i finished another baby vest for my etsy shop. in the softest baby alpaca. in the color rose.
and, another little matryoushka doll.

best. salad. ever.

for the salad:
blue cheese or gorgonzola
brown sugar and butter
granny smith apples sliced thin
mixed greens

for the dressing:
1 part olive oil
2 parts good balsamic vinegar
maple syrup to taste
1 clove garlic minced or pressed
1 tsp (or so) dijon mustard
salt and pepper
~put everything in a mason jar and shake. taste it and adjust as needed.

cook bacon, cut into small pieces and set aside. melt one tblsp butter in a pan, add walnuts and stir until toasted, add 3 tblsp brown sugar and cook until the sugar is dissolved and the walnuts are coated. i like to add a pinch of sea salt to bring out the flavor. it's also really good with the walnuts simply toasted in a pan if you don't want them candied. i like to dump the walnuts out onto parchment paper to let them cool.
assemble the salad: combine mixed greens with the dressing in a bowl. add a little bit at time to make sure you don't over dress. your hands are the best tools. plate some of the greens first then add bacon, blue cheese, walnuts, and sliced apples. i like to drizzle a little more dressing over the top.
you can also serve this in a big bowl for family meals.
i love this combination of salty and sweet, but the star here is really the dressing. my all time favorite is to add roasted beets to this. this is also really yummy with chicken breast in place of the bacon. (salt and pepper, pan sear the chicken and finish in the oven. let cool and slice.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

darling (spring) things

1. spring obsession. sfgirlbybay
3. illustration by katie vernon
4. golden afterglow charm necklace. e. kate designs
5. spring lilacs. photo by me.
6. sweet bird tattoo
7. my darling little dreamer august
8. look for these darling bird mobiles on my etsy. spool
9. blue silk chiffon party dress. flourclothing
10. marche aux oiseaux #1. alicia bock

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i heart sewing

i fired up the kenmore, and i'm diving head first into sewing. i remember hearing the hum of this machine as a child, and the excitement as my mom revealed her latest creation. now it's my turn.
so here we go... this is darling clementine. i have been sewing owl dolls and other little treasures and my etsy shop will be up and running soon.
i hope you like what you see.

you were born to chase the light

the snow is starting to melt, and i've traded my sorels for my wellington boots. the thaw has begun... bring it on. i am so ready for spring. my heart is a little frozen and achy, and i need to see the sun. i need to see the flowers bloom and the birds singing, so that i remember how. i've gotten so used to the cold, and the sound of snow crunching under foot. i've grown attached to my warm sweaters and hiding under a pile of blankets. there are layers that need to be peeled away, windows to be cracked open. you were born to chase the light.