Friday, June 10, 2011

looking for home

we got the word this week that we are finally pre-approved to buy a home. after renting for almost three years with a little one and no laundry, you cannot imagine how happy this makes me. and, so our search has begun. now the question is... town or country? we've loved living in the upstairs of this big old house just a few blocks from downtown. we can walk to the library, and the park, or to blue monday coffee shop. but, it's long been a dream of mine to have a little farmhouse out in the country with chickens and a big garden, and a barn to have barn dances. maybe i would sell my bread, and eggs and flowers and herbs at the farmers market.
so, i found this house... this beautiful old 5 bedroom farmhouse on 6 acres that is in our price range. i went out there, and it was vacant... and the door was open. so, i went in. it is falling apart and yet, i can see the beauty there... the memories, the sadness and the love that this house holds. an old woman named charlotte lived there... i love the name charlotte. i walked around and imagined myself living there... how we could bring the house back to life again, and fill it with love, and laughter, and songs.
but, it's too far gone. story of my life. i always seem to fall in love with these old abandoned houses.
and, so we will keep looking for home.

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  1. This is a lovely post. The vision to see an old house as a home is magical. Good luck on your journey.