Saturday, January 14, 2012

{girl put your records on}

i am in love with my vintage record player. i can't stop playing records and dancing... there is a lot of dancing going on around here.


  1. I would be playing music and dancing if I had that unreal record player too! I wonder what you're dancing to ... Kellie xx PS I've just found your blog. I LOVE your etsy shop. I've given a few of your amazing tea towels as gifts! So so cool.

  2. thank you kellie. i was so thrilled when i found this old suitcase record player. i'm so glad you found my blog, however, there must be another darling clementine etsy that sells tea towels. i make the sewn owls and bunnies pictured on my flickr sight as well as hand knit bonnets. but, my shop is closed right now since i am trying to balance motherhood and writing/recording a new record.
    p.s. i love the name olive.